12 Acts of Courage to Change Meetings for Good
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In a survey of business leaders conducted jointly by Harrison Conference
Services and Hofstra University, nearly 81% said they assess managerial
 ability on the basis of how well people participate at meetings.

—John Sheriden, Industry Week, The $37 Billion Waste

This Meeting Sux Book

This Meeting Sux! You’ve said it, heard it, thought it, or felt it, perhaps all too often. You may have tried to initiate improvements in meetings but you gave up because it was too much work, or you felt alone in your efforts. Maybe you decided that running meetings is the meeting leader’s responsibility and is not up to you. Or perhaps you were overcome with frustration, and simply unequipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to do anything. Yes, this meeting sux, and this presents you with an opportunity to transform meetings, and in the process, your group and your life.

But what can you do if you’re not in charge?
This is the first book written to specifically answer this question. This is the first practical guide that contains the knowledge, skills, and action steps that you, as a meeting participant, can use to change meetings for good.

   Quick but effective action steps you can take immediately to change the course of your next meeting, whether you're the designated leader or not!

  Strategies to shift your attitude so that your communication has greater impact.

   Tools you need to become an empowered participant to pave the way for advancing your career.

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Meeting participant needs effective skills to move meetings forward. This book is devoted to the those “around the table” hungry for a better use of their time and energy.
The consistent emphasis on leadership training over the past couple of decades has produced great results in many arenas. However, in the arena of group dynamics, gains have been elusive. Hundreds of books have been published to help leaders run better meetings, but still, studies show some surprising results. For example:

  • In 2005, Microsoft conducted an online survey of 38,000 people and discovered that workers average only three productive days per week. The main culprit: unproductive staff meetings. 69% of the 38,000 people surveyed considered meetings to be an unproductive use of time.

  • A study by Industry Week (Sheridan, J.H, 1989) says that the cost of wasted time in unproductive meetings exceeds $37 billion annually. They characterize this phenomenon as the “great white-collar crime.” 

Everyone's a Leader

So, if meeting leaders aren't making meetings work, what about the other 90% of the people in the room? Should they just sit still like polite school children, obedient, passive, and bored into oblivion?

“No!” Anyone can exercise the leadership that is desperately needed around the globe, if they have the passion, desire, skills, and commitment to do so.  A paradigm shift is occurring in business, government, education, and society at large, where people on the ground floor are ready to lead.


When you purchase either the ebook or paperbook version of our book, you recieve the following bonsues:

5 Phases of a Great Meeting Webinar ($29.95 value).
This concise, 60-minute module describes 5 phases and 25 steps you can take to make every meeting successful.

Resolve Any Problem. ($29.95 value) A step by step automated guide to help you flesh out and resolve any problem.

Career Development Coach. ($29.95 value)
A tool to help self-coach you into the right career for you.

Decision Making Coach. ($29.95 value) A tool to self-coach you on making the best decisions.

Meeting Effectiveness Forms. ($9.95 value) Print versions of the meeting forms and templates from the book's appendix. Bring these to your meetings and use them as tools and reminders.

This program includes the best practices of professional Life Coaches to guide clarification of your life’s purposes, set long and short-term goals, and take deliberate actions. 

Print versions of the meeting forms and templates from the book's appendix (a $10 value) Includes:

  • 12 Acts of Courage Actions Checklist

  • Detailed tips for preparing an effective agenda

  • Baseline Operating Norms—The Dynamic Dozen

  • Full Participation Inventory

  • Meeting Design and Execution Template

And more bonuses coming!

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This Meeting Sux Paperback
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